This is a classic Lebanese dessert. A sweet, flaky layered pastry, garnished with nuts and held together with syrup. This traditional dessert is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Homemade cookies with a fig filling. This sweet is the perfect pairing with a cup of our Arabic coffee.

Saint Maron
Annual Food Festival

A syrup covered cake topped with a pistachio slice. Similar to a sponge cake, but with a sweet coating. A true staff favorite!

Finger shaped sweets that are deep fried and soaked in sugar. You might consider this a Lebanese donut!

If Maakarouns are like donuts, then Ouwaymat is like a donut hole. Deep fried dough covered in a sweet outer coating, these sweets are great for a summer treat!

Similar to a funnel cake, mshabak is a fried delight that is piped into spirals, creating a look that is literally good enough to eat.

Shaybiet is very similar to baklava, except for the creamy filling inside. A combination of flaky and creamy goodness, you'll love our sweet tasting shaybiet.

Our made to order crepes are a festival tradition! With fruit or nutella options, this warm treat is sure to hit the spot.

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