Bazella with Meat over Rice

This is a classic Lebanese dish.  It is a hearty stew with Meat, peas, and carrots in a tomato based sauce.  It is gently spiced and served over a bed of rice.
Beef or Chicken Kabob over Rice

Your choice of 2 Beef Kabobs, 2 Chicken Kabobs, or 1 Beef and 1 Chicken Kabob freshly grilled over a bed of rice.  You also get your choice of two sides.  Available sides are Hummus, Baba, Tabooleh, or Fatoosh.  This platter is served with Lebenese bread and optional garlic sauce.

Saint Maron
Annual Food Festival
Sheikh El Mihshi over Rice

Eggplant baked in a perfectly spiced meat sauce over a bed of rice.  The name of this delicious meal says it all.  The name literaly translates to Stuffed Sheikh.  You will not only be stuffed but very satisfied.
Vegetarian Platter

Lebanese food has a reputation for being healthy and filling.  This platter is a combination of our most popular vegetarian foods.  This platter includes a serving of Tabouli, Loubi, Grape Leaves, and Hummus.

Mjaddarra is a fundamental component of Lebanese cuisine. It provides carbohydrates, proteins, and a full stomach. It also tastes great.  Mjaddarra is a mixture of Rice, Lentils and onions cooked in olive oil and seasoned to perfection.  This platter also comes with a side of Fattoush (Salad).

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